之前看過很多人拍這個 覺得很漂亮

今天我也有機會去啦 原來這個地方叫Brighton Beach

在St Kilda Beach 的隔壁

這個beach比起St Kilda的話 沒那麼熱鬧

這一間一間的小屋叫Bathing Box

原來這些Bathing Boxes 都是有歷史的

而不是擺美的。。。我還以為是擺美的 啊哈哈


"The 82 Brighton bathing boxes are unique because of their uniform scale and proportion,

building materials, sentry order alignment and a Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay

on a beach owned by Bayside City Council. As simple structures, all retain classic

Victorian architectural features with timber framing, weatherboards and corrugated iron roofs.

They remain as they did over one hundred years ago, as licensed bathing boxes.

No service amenities such as electricity or water are connected. " - http://www.brightonbathingbox.org.au/

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